Traffic Management Committee

Sr. NoNameDesignation
1Mrs. Shakuntala GaonkarChairperson
2Mr. Shashikant GaonkarMember
3Mr. Ramakant GaonkarMember
4Mr. Bhanudas GaonkarMember
5Mr. Kalpesh GaonkarMember

Biodiversity Committee

Sr.No. Name of the MemberChairperson/MemberMobile Number
1BHANUDAS GAONKARChairman9765261899
2CHANDA GAONKARWoman Member8552806993
3ANITA PRABHUWoman Member9764126999
4RAMAKANT GAONKARSC/ST member9421250780
5KALIDAS GAONKARMember8552806993
6RAJENDRA VELIPMember7391979370
7DIWAKAR SALELKARSecretary (Gram Panchayat Secretary)9850233897

VDC Committee

Sr. NoNameDesignation
1Mrs. Shakuntala B. GaonkarSarpanch
2Mr. Shashikant GaonkarDy.Sarpanch
3Mr. Ishwar KuttikarConvener
4Mr. Kalpesh GaonkarV.P. Member
5Mr. Tulshidas. GaonkarV.P. Member
6Mrs. Chanda GaonkarV.P. Member
7Mr. Ramakant GaonkarV.P. Member
8Mr. Bhanudas GaonkarV.P. Member
9Mr. Mohan GaonkarV.P. Member
10Mrs. Anita Anay PrabhuV.P. Member
11Mr. Diwakar SalelkarV.P. Secretary
12Mr. Kalidas L. GaonkarMember
13Mr. Abhishek PrabhuMember
14Mr. Sachin TendulkarMember
15Mr. Ramesh VelguenkarMember
16Mr. Nemu MadkaikarMember
17Mrs. Sukanti S. GaonkarMember
18Mr. Devidas ParabMember
19Mr. Raghu GaonkarMember
20Mr. Santosh U. GaonkarMember
21Mr. Darshan H. VelipMember
22Mr. Tulshidas ArsekarMember
23Mr. Pankaj V. GaonkarMember
24Mr. Uday DessaiMember

Child Development Committee

  1. One Panchayat member nominated by the Village Panchayat: Bhanudas Gaonkar, 9765261899
  2. One lady Health Worker: Sunitra Gawali, Bandol,.9545951145
  3. One Anganwadi Worker: Karuna Uday Gaonkar,Kalsai,9764752730
  4. One School teacher/Head Master from the village school: Sr. Flory Rodrigues,I.C.High School,Colsoi,Dabal. 08322618272
  5. One NGO representative (can be a person from SHG, Mahila Mandal, Trade Union, Child Rights group, Women’s organization): Smt.Daya Gaonkar, Bandol 7769971769
  6. One representative from Bal Bhavan ( in cases where the village has a Bal Bhavan Kendra): N.A.
  7. Representative from the Legal Aid Cell (formed by the Law College/lawyers Guild): Ishwar Kuttikar, Wagon,9673240250
  8. One representative from a socio-economically disadvantaged group (Dalit,SC/ST, OBC, Migrant Community, Differently Abled person): Shashikant Gaonkar, Kirlapal,
  9. Secretary of the respective Panchayat who can be the Public Information Officer of the Child Committee.: Diwakar Salelkar. 9850233897
  10. A girl child between 15-18 years from that village:Utkarsha Gaonkar,Kirlapal 9158961817
  11. A Boy Child between 15-18 years from that village: Alban Fernandes, Colsoi 9420979053 (If the boy or girl attains the age of 18 years during the terms of the committee, the committee shall nominate a girl and boy between the ages of 15-18 years to join the members of the committee till the end of the terms of the committee)
  12. Member of the PTA of a school in the area: Cecilia Azavedo, Codli-Tisk 9420159697